Saturday, July 05, 2008

Good things learned the first month at Ning

  • Asynchronous code reviews work well, though make sure that the software sends nasty-grams after no feedback for a few days.
  • JConsole is a decent tool. I'm surprised I've never used it before.
  • We have a nice JMX idiom where you register a class and tag methods with a @Managed annotation. This avoids the need to create separate interfaces and implemenations for MBean classes.
  • Google Guice is nice for the static type checking and annotations. I've always hated XML files for configuration.
  • Try out jDBI from Ning's Brian McCallister when you want to directly hook into your db.
  • TestNG is sweet. Classifying tests to group them as fast, slow, etc., is really nice.
  • String.format(). Why haven't I been using this??

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