Thursday, April 27, 2006

Peter gets a demo

Friend-of-friend Peter came by Sharpcast the other day to see a demo and met a lot of the company. He sent a nice email and I thought I'd share it. He's planning on going to Microsoft when he finishes his master's, but we tried to convince him that Sharpcast might be a better choice... :P

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the tour yesterday. The demo was awesome -- you guys really got the interaction right -- and with such minimal latency. It must be a pretty tough problem to get all of that working with such good responsiveness. To me the whole thing just makes a lot of sense and the platform definitely "feels" right.

Thanks also for introducing me to everybody. It was cool to see what the Silicon Valley startup life is like. It seemed like there was lots of excitement everywhere and that people were really into making a cool product.

Okay, well I think you guys definitely have a great idea and have just submitted my email for a beta request!

-- Peter


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